Filson POP UP 2023

recap by Dan Santoro

video by B. William Green

On October 20-22 2023, Housefly Fishing did a pop up at the Filson New York City flagship store on West Broadway in Manhattan. The expansive pop-up took over the entire upper floor, included several new pieces of merchandise and some HF classics. Tim Miller spun a heavy set of Grateful Dead and reggae, Sean Witman tied streamers while the sound of Dan Santoro and Chris McCoy’s tattoo machines clattered in the background . Housefly legend Chris Calabrese bopped around the room making sure everyone was happy and being helped. There was an invite only after-party complete with: beer from Westkill Brewing, whiskey, and hors-d'oeuvres being served. Clients became friends, friends became clients and ,best of all, the mingling between the Filson and the Housefly people was loud and energetic. Lots of passionate talk about striped bass: where they were and more importantly , where they were NOT filled the room. Housefly cleaned up Sunday night to head back to Hawley PA with another successful Filson pop-up under their belt, already planning an even bigger exposé for the next event.

An 18 x 24” archival print of tattoo flash was also for sale through the days of the event. Limited to an edition of 30, the proceeds from this print went to benefit the American Saltwater Guides Association, whom work tirelessly to preserve and protect our saltwater fisheries. Thank you to everyone who attended. 

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